Website Content Development

Strong content attracts and influences. Content reflects who you are and what you do. The Legal Authority provides clients with high-quality content development designed to effectively communicate with visitors on your website—your clients and potential clients. Ineffectual content won’t help you win clients, and it could detract from your success. It’s been said in the marketing industry that “content is king.” We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your content is effective, superior to your competition, and SEO optimized. You can rely on our content specialists to design content for anywhere from one to hundreds of website pages.

Our Content Development Services

The Legal Authority can provide you with a complete spectrum of content development services. When you rely on us for content, we typically rely on a process and solutions that involve the following:

Current Content Evaluation: Our content developers have years of experience writing content for attorneys who practice many types of law including:

If your law firm has an existing website, we take care to examine its current content. While doing so, we’ll elicit input from you—are all services listed and listed correctly? Is the content written professionally? Is the content direct and helpful for potential clients? Often, we encounter websites that were designed years ago and may contain outdated or inaccurate information. We’ll determine what changes need to be made and discuss them with you or your team.

Analyze the Local Market

As we develop content for your website, we’ll investigate your local area. This allows us to develop relevant keywords and determine what your competitors are doing—and not doing, which is often the case. The marketplace is competitive and we want to provide you with an edge over the competition. Why? Because when potential clients search for an attorney near them, we want you to be at the top of the search results whether they search on their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Develop a Content Strategy

In short, we’ll make a plan for your website’s content. We rely on results-driven strategies to create content for your entire website. We want to ensure that the proposed content will meet our clients’ goals and be useful for your clients.

Write for People— And Search Engines

Today, search engines like Google reward businesses for developing content written for people. There’s no need for keyword stuffing, for example, to achieve improved page ranking. In fact, a website can be penalized for a variety of such tactics. As an SEO firm, The Legal Authority does produce content that is SEO optimized. It’s written for humans, but it’s also infused with the best SEO elements. We develop content aiming toward increased page rankings. Our goal is to get your law firm to the number one spot on Google when your clients perform a local search for an attorney.

Actionable Content: We create content that motivates and that encourages clients to take action– to call you, to schedule a meeting, to sign up for email list, and so forth.

Using Images

Content is all the writing on your website as well as the imagery and videos. Imagery is important because it helps to convey who you are—what type of attorney you are. Here’s an example —an attorney features an image of a car accident on their homepage. As a client, what type of law do you expect they practice? Probably personal injury, right? Your clients can glean a lot—and they do—from a single image.

Contrast with a divorce attorney that features a carousel of imagery on their home page filled with images of random individuals who seemingly have nothing to do with the law firm. Here, the imagery is conveying a more confusing and misleading message. It may not be clear what type of law they practice just from these images. We understand how imagery can work for or against you. What do you want to convey and showcase about your law firm? Your answer will drive our choices when it comes to image/video placement.

Benefits of Working with The Legal Authority

As mentioned, The Legal Authority serves a niche group of clients. We work with attorneys based all over the country. Our content specialists have years of experience writing content for law firms like yours—website content, blogs, articles, e-books, white papers, ads, etc…They have the skills to write dynamic content that informs about and promotes your firm. Our writers are content specialists, degreed, and committed to creating content that reflects each clients’ expertise.

When you work with our content specialists, you have the opportunity to change, inform, and discuss the content—it’s yours! We work to get the text and imagery to a place that truly exceeds your expectations.

Great Content Underscores Your Authority

Did you know that Google has algorithms that can determine whether websites are authorities in their field? Content plays a key role in ‘convincing’ Google that you are an expert in your field. But it’s not just about Google. Poorly written content is unprofessional. We cringe when we see it because we know what happens: clients click out. They bounce. They choose another law firm. Don’t risk your reputation with poor website content. If it’s filled with errors, written below or above your target audience’s reading level (it should be at 4th-grade level and it shouldn’t be too professorial either), or confusing, it sends a signal to your clients: you’re not professional.

We won’t allow that to happen as we develop your website content. Your content will convey who you are and what you do directly. We examine it, test it, and then turn it over to you for your approval. We know that compelling content gets results, and we can’t wait to prove it to you.

Contact us and let our writers and marketing professionals develop high-quality content for your website. We know how to create content that works and that ultimately boosts your ROI.