Social Media Management

An expertly managed social media campaign and ongoing account management can ensure that you maintain a presence on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also makes sure that you market your brand and message effectively to a large pool of potential clients. The Legal Authority specializes in social media management for law firms. Although many attorneys are aware that they can benefit from engaging with users of social media, they may not know that well over half of social media users visit these platforms to search for products and services.

The Legal Authority will work with you to create and manage a custom social media marketing campaign that is tailored to your marketing goals. Marketing on the various major social platforms can be complex and daunting for professionals who want to focus more on running their business. We offer professional social media services that are scalable, flexible, and in keeping with your budget.

Key Features of Our Social Media Management

When you contract with The Legal Authority for our social media management services, you can expect the following:

When you work with our firm to build and manage your social media presence, you can expect substantial improvements to your website traffic. Maintaining an active social media presence is something that consumers expect from successful businesses. You won’t have to think twice about your social media presence when you leave its management in our capable hands.

In What Ways Can Social Media Support Your Business?

Social media platforms allow you to easily and inexpensively market your business to a large pool of potential clients. The major social media platforms offer various tools and resources designed with both large and small businesses in mind. Investing in social media management is important because these platforms can help your firm:


Firms use social media platforms to inform their clients about their basic services, specialty services, expert tips, industry news, and more.


Your business can rely on social media platforms to promote your firm.

Increase Authority

An active social media presence helps your firm establish its authority in the digital arena. Clients are more likely to trust a firm that they are familiar with. For many, an active social account is proof that your business is thriving.

Understand Your Audience

By engaging with your client base on social media platforms, you can learn more about their needs. This allows you to design the services that clients want.

Enhance Client Support

Social media makes it easy for clients to engage with your firm. By replying to posted queries from clients, you can improve your customer service.

Control Your Reputation

By effectively managing your social media presence, you help to control your digital reputation. That’s important because many clients check reviews and social media interactions with other clients when trying to decide who can best represent them.

The Legal Authority features dedicated social media specialists who manage client accounts. Whether your firm practices personal injury or family law, we can provide you with the effective social media management you need in order to get the best results.

Our Social Media Management Services

It can be difficult for many businesses to keep up with their social media presence. That’s why The Legal Authority has designed a complete spectrum of social media services designed to address every aspect of social media marketing. Our social media managers will help your firm enjoy meaningful engagement with your clients and generate improvements in your firm recognition and website traffic. We have the skills and experience to implement an effective social media marketing campaign and provide ongoing management of our clients’ social accounts. Our social media management services include:


Before creating a customized social media campaign for your firm, we examine your local service area. We find out who your clients and potential clients are. We research your competitors and analyze what they’re doing or not doing on social media. We analyze your industry as well as your current social presence to gather relevant information that will help us build an effective social media strategy tailored to your business—and your potential clients.

Build Your Social Campaign

The Legal Authority will collaborate with you to help you determine what types of content to share with your audience. We know that certain posts are associated with high clients engagement. We’ll share our analysis with you to help create meaningful content to share with your audience. Then, we’ll design a schedule for posting content to each of your social media accounts. Finally, we’ll carefully monitor interactions with clients in order to tweak the campaign for best results.

Paid Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook offer businesses the opportunity to pay for targeted ads. Our social media management can help you create and target ads. We’ll design results-driven copy that will attract clients to your website. Then, we test and measure the success of these ad campaigns in order to improve them for continued success.

Measure Data

It’s vital to track your social media campaign to ensure that it is working as planned and helping you to achieve your marketing goals. This requires careful analysis of data. What types of posts do clients respond to? When do most clients engage with your firm's posts? What posts are generating traffic to your business website? We find out this information in order to continuously enhance your social media presence.

Monitor Your Brand Reputation

A few negative online reviews can greatly detract from your business’s reputation. The Legal Authority knows how important it is to manage and monitor a firm’s reputation. When you contract with us for social media management service, we can monitor your social media reviews, client feedback and mentions.

Connect to Your Business Website

The Legal Authority can help you make it easy for client to engage with your firm via the major social channels. For instance, we can install social media buttons to your website or add social feeds to your site itself. Of course, we will also measure how successful these features are for growing your business.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Effective social media management doesn’t rest on its laurels. Social media is a dynamic scene. To maintain an active and dynamic social media presence, it’s important for social managers to continually identify growth opportunities for your business.

Content Creation

It’s vital to post content that is relevant to your audience. Our social media managers work closely with content specialists to create posts that convey timely information about your business, its services, industry news and more. Content is the key for promoting meaningful client engagement with your firm.

Establish a Community

We work to help your firm build a community of interested followers. We take care to find ways to grow this community so that your targeted ads and social media posts increase your potential client awareness and client interactions.

Monitoring and Replying to Posts

This might come as a surprise, but not everyone behaves politely on social media networks. If an irate client makes unsavory comments on one of your posts, we address the situation right away. We reply to clients and monitor clients’ comments to make sure that they meet acceptable standards for engagement.

Our social media services are comprehensive. We know that today’s attorneys don’t have time to carefully manage their social media accounts. That’s why we provide customizable service packages tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Our social media managers are industry gurus and because our firm specializes in digital services for attorneys, we have experience you can rely on for effective social management.

Full-Service Social Media Management

Strategy, content creation, and community monitoring are hallmarks of our social media management services. With our full-service social media management, we can provide these services across multiple social channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter—social channels like these are ideal platforms for our customers because that’s where their clients tend to be active. When you contract with us for our social media management services, we’ll discuss which platforms are right for you. 

When you hire The Legal Authority to provide full-service social media management, we’ll handle all tasks related to your social media presence. This allows you to focus on your business. We know that it’s simply not possible for many attorneys to continuously monitor their social media accounts. After all, they’re hard at work helping their clients win cases. The Legal Authority features highly trained digital professionals and social management software that allows us to do what we do best—provide our clients with outstanding social media management services.

Did You Know That Social Media Management Can Improve Your SEO?

The Legal Authority is an SEO firm as well as a digital marketing company. We always have our minds on SEO when providing any of our services because we now how essential it is for today’s companies to be search engine optimized. With a well-curated social media presence, you can actually improve your business’s SEO. Industry experts have determined that social ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ can have a positive effect on page rankings because they contribute to your overall successful online presence.

Our Social Media Specialists

Social media management is important to our clients, so we have built an outstanding team of social media specialists and content specialists who deliver our social services. We employ digital marketing professionals who have years of experience and a proven track record of success. Each member of our team has the skills needed to get the results our customers depend on to grow their business.

When you contract with The Legal Authority for our professional social media management services, we’ll assign one of our specialists to your account. They manage your social media account as well as a team of content specialists and research analysists. Depending on the account, it’s sometimes a team effort to build the social campaigns our clients are looking for. But remember, our services are scalable and flexible to suit your budget.

The Benefits of Working with The Legal Authority

The Legal Authority isn’t like other digital marketing companies. For one, we focus on law firms. Our client’s practice:

By focusing on this niche group, we’re able to better tailor our services to suit our clients.

The Legal Authority partners with each client to support their individual needs, helping them to achieve their specific goals. To be an effective partner requires a company culture that fosters long-term client relationships and promotes collaboration and responsive customer care. Our customers’ marketing goals become our goals too. We partner together to strategize and build your firm’s online presence.

In addition, The Legal Authority believes it’s important to demonstrate value in the services we provide. That’s why we carefully measure our performance with standard industry metrics. It takes careful analysis to determine how each campaign is going. In our world, success is measurable. We collect all relevant data to keep clients informed about the progress of their social media campaigns.

Do you want to dramatically enhance your firm’s online presence? If so, then it’s time to consult with The Legal Authority about building your social media campaigns. We offer affordable solutions complemented by today’s best industry practices. We’ll run your social media accounts with unstinting care. We’ll also keep you up-to-date about how your campaigns are performing with measurable data and detailed reports. With our effective social media management solutions, you should witness a remarkable increase in brand awareness and business activity. Our solutions are designed for real world results—results that grow your business and increase its bottom line. Contact us to discuss how we can help support your online presence. We’re always here to address your questions and consult with you about our service offerings.