Local Services Ads: A Comprehensive Guide for Lawyers

Introduction to Local Services Ads (LSAs) for Lawyers

Enhancing your local SEO is crucial for attracting qualified leads in your area. Local Services Ads (LSAs) can play a pivotal role in elevating your local presence and connecting with potential clients. This guide will walk you through the world of LSAs for lawyers, explaining their functionality and providing insights on setting them up to effectively generate highly-qualified leads for your law firm.

Understanding Local Services Ads (LSAs)

Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs) take the spotlight at the pinnacle of search results, prioritizing specific local services. Positioned above paid Google Ads, Google Maps local results, and organic search results, LSAs are triggered by predefined keywords relevant to your location and legal practice. These ads showcase key information like a headshot, review rating, service area, and operating hours. Notably, LSAs carry a “Google Screened” badge, signifying Google’s verification of your business’s qualification to offer the advertised legal service. Unlike pay-per-click Google Ads, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead model, requiring payment only for leads resulting from direct interactions with the ad.

The Relationship Between LSAs and SEO

While LSAs target users actively seeking specific legal services, they are not a substitute for organic SEO. LSAs and SEO complement each other, with LSAs capturing audiences ready to hire a lawyer, and SEO attracting users in the information-gathering phase. Integrating both strategies ensures a comprehensive approach, capturing a broader spectrum of potential clients.

Benefits of Local Services Ads (LSAs)

LSAs offer numerous advantages, including prime visibility at the top of search results, outclassing other ads. The Google Screened badge enhances your law firm’s credibility, instilling confidence in potential clients. LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead model, delivering value for money by charging only for tangible leads. Disputing irrelevant leads is an option, mitigating associated costs and ensuring a more targeted expense.

Practice Areas Suited for Local Services Ads

LSAs cater to a variety of local services, making them an invaluable resource for law firms specializing in diverse practice areas, such as bankruptcy law, family law, personal injury law, and more. During the setup process, Google allows you to specify services within these practice areas, enabling precise targeting.

Differentiating Google’s Ads: Local Services Ads, Local Search Ads, and Google Ads

Google provides various advertising options for lawyers, each serving distinct purposes. Understanding the differences between Local Services Ads, Local Search Ads, and Google Ads is crucial for optimizing your advertising strategy.

Local Services Ads (LSAs)

LSAs, a recent addition to Google’s advertising options, dominate the top of search results, operating on a pay-per-lead model. They display essential information about local services, emphasizing credibility with the Google Screened badge.

Local Search Ads

Distinct from LSAs, Local Search Ads appear in the Google Maps bundle, beneath LSAs and Google Ads. They enhance visibility within local results, with responsiveness to customer inquiries influencing rankings.

Google Ads

Appearing just below LSAs, Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click model. Advertisers have creative control over ad content, making them ideal for targeting specific keywords and optimizing ad performance.

Local Services Ads for Lawyers FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Run LSAs for Lawyers?

The cost of LSAs varies based on factors such as the target market, location, and legal field competitiveness. While expenses can range from $50 to over $200 per lead, the high relevance and conversion rates typically justify the investment.

Can You Pause LSAs?

Yes, LSAs can be paused, but doing so forfeits the Google Guaranteed/Screened badge until reactivation. The ad may still appear below paid listings, but no charges will be incurred for leads during the pause.

When Does Google Show Local Services Ads?

LSAs appear in response to specific keyword searches, determined by Google. Users looking for targeted local services trigger LSAs, emphasizing the importance of practice area and location during setup.

How Does Google Determine the Rankings of LSAs?

Google considers factors such as the number and quality of reviews, responsiveness to inquiries, business hours, and past complaints in determining LSA rankings. Location and reputation play significant roles.

Will a Higher LSA Budget Result in Higher Rankings?

No, Google employs a flat-rate pay-per-lead system for LSAs, and budget size does not impact rankings. Reputation and location are primary determinants of LSA placement.

Can You Use Target Keywords for Your Local Services Ads?

No, LSAs are triggered by specific service searches chosen by Google, limiting control over targeted keywords. Combining LSAs with other strategies like paid Google ads and SEO provides a more comprehensive approach.

Can You Choose What Information Is Displayed in Your Law Firm’s LSAs?

To some extent, yes. While you provide relevant information during setup, Google generates the ad, determining which details are displayed. Practice area, image, and firm information are included, but Google retains control over the final presentation.

Can You Challenge Irrelevant Leads from Your Ads?

Yes, challenging irrelevant leads is possible through the Local Services Ads lead inbox. Providing reasons for irrelevance initiates an investigation by Google. However, response times for lead disputes can be up to four months.

How To Create Local Service Ads for Your Law Office

Ready to integrate LSAs into your marketing strategy? Follow these steps to set up your ads and attract qualified local leads.

1. Go to the Google Local Services Ads Sign-Up Page

Visit Google’s Local Service Ads sign-up page to initiate the setup process. Click “Continue” to start or call Google at +1 844-263-9884 for sign-up assistance during business hours.

2. Enter Your Firm’s Eligibility Information

Provide eligibility information by specifying your country, state, and ZIP code. Select “Law” in the job category dropdown menu. Indicate your practice area(s) and check eligibility. If eligible, a pop-up will explain LSAs’ benefits, and clicking “Get Started” proceeds to the next step.

3. Provide Details About Your Law Firm

Enter your law firm’s details, including name, phone number, website, owner’s name, number of professionals, founding year, language services, and address. Indicate if it’s a location customers can visit.

4. Designate Your Service Area

Specify your service area by adjusting ZIP codes. Google may auto-select based on your business information, but you can modify it

5. Choose Your Law Firm’s Service Types

Select specific practice areas for your LSA. Choose case types carefully, as you pay for every generated lead.

6. Choose Your Law Firm’s Business Hours

Set the days and times for responding to customer inquiries. Avoid 24-hour availability unless you can answer calls consistently.

7. Proof Your Ad So Far

Review the provided information about your law firm. Click “Next” when satisfied, knowing you can add more details, including an image and customer reviews, shortly.

8. Add a Headshot

Upload a headshot adhering to Google’s guidelines.

9. Add Your Law License Details

Enter details about your law license, including registration type, name, license number, and expiration date. Click “Save” for verification, acknowledging a potential two-day processing time.

10. Link Your LSA to Your Customer Reviews

Link your LSA to customer reviews by providing options for Google to fetch reviews from your Google My Business profile or offering review request links to previous clients. Reviews are crucial for enhancing your LSA’s credibility.

Whether following these steps independently or seeking support from our legal marketing team, incorporating Local Services Ads can significantly enhance your law firm’s online presence and lead generation capabilities.

Determining Bid Amounts for Leads in Local Service Ads

11. Choose Your Bidding Method

As you delve into expenses, decide on a bidding method to acquire leads effectively. Google offers two modes:

Maximize Leads

This recommended method allows Google to autonomously set your bid, maximizing leads within your budget. It provides a hands-off approach, but keep in mind that Google’s interests may not always align with yours.

Set Max Per Lead

Opt for a more hands-on approach by manually managing your bids. Specify the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for leads in each service type. If new to LSAs, begin with a minimum bid of zero, and adjust based on Google’s provided minimum bid. You can fine-tune bids later for better ROI.

Establish a Weekly Budget for Leads

Once bid amounts are set, define a weekly budget indicating the maximum you’re willing to spend on Google leads per week. Initially, it’s acceptable to set the mandatory minimum weekly budget for experimentation. Google’s estimate of qualified leads per week will guide your decision. Click “Save” if satisfied.

Set Up Billing

Enter your payment details, choosing between credit/debit cards, PayPal, or a bank account. Automatic charges occur on the 1st of each month. Adjust these settings in your Google Ads account under billing. After adding billing info, click “Submit.”

Add Additional Lawyers to Your LSAAdd Additional Lawyers to Your LSA

This step is optional and can be skipped if not applicable to your law firm. If relevant, edit the number of lawyers and provide individual details, including name, email, legal licenses, headshot, job titles, college details, and graduation date. Featured lawyers will be visible when users click on your ad.

Managing and Responding to Leads in Local Service Ads

Verification and Initial Setup

After completing the steps, Google needs a few days to verify information and activate your LSAs on Google searches. Once verified, your LSA starts driving leads to your law firm.

Utilizing the Local Service Ads Dashboard

Manage leads through your Local Service Ads dashboard, where details like lead count, client names, required services, location, and contact information are available. Dispute irrelevant leads, manage your budget, and ensure prompt follow-ups with potential leads. Maximize the value of each lead through effective dashboard utilization.

Exploring Additional Strategies for Law Firm Growth

Leveraging Digital Marketing Strategies

While Google’s Local Service Ads contribute to your digital marketing arsenal, it’s essential to explore more strategies for law firm growth.

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Seeking Guidance for Digital Marketing

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