Local SEO Program

Sign on with The Legal Authority for our local SEO program, a package of essential solutions designed and customized for your law firm and its digital marketing goals. We’ve created a local SEO program that contains all the elements you need to achieve improved page rankings, increased client conversions, and a boost in revenue. Additionally, this package is geared for our customer base—attorneys. We work with attorneys who specialize in varying fields of law including:

Our clients include attorneys like you—attorneys that can rely on our digital marketing solutions to improve their online standing and attract more clients. Our professional digital experts and SEO specialists have years of experience and are eager to put their expertise to work for your law firm. Our local SEO program provides you with a cost-effective plan for achieving your online marketing goals.

Well-Designed Website

A well-designed website is surely the anchor of your online presence. In essence, all our marketing measures lead back to this hub. It must be designed to support conversion—turning visitors to your site into clients. The Legal Authority designs professional websites for attorneys. We understand what elements must be there to support conversions. With our help, you should see an increase in business after our local SEO program is in place.

Our website designers and development team will work with you to achieve a strategy for your website’s design. Then, we’ll go about building it. Colors, font, images, text—each element is important to the plan. A site that’s too busy, too hard to understand, too dense with text, or too slow to load can detract from the quality of your website. Conversely, high-quality designs are associated with increased conversions.

As part of our local SEO program, our website design service will be completely built from the ground up. We strongly believe that the best websites are custom designed and reflect the character and culture of the firm. Once we complete the design, we test and test again. Your new website should work for you for the long haul. Each element needs to be right—and we won’t rest until it is.

Optimized For Local Search Traffic

Creating SEO-friendly websites, ads, landing pages, and other marketing features are at the center of what we do. The Legal Authority is an experienced SEO company that understands how important local SEO is for businesses. Less than 50% of small businesses are incorporating local SEO strategies into their marketing plans. Apparently, they aren’t concerned if their local clients can find them when performing a search. We know better!

Optimizing your digital presence for your local audience is one of the most important moves you can make to edge out your competition and achieve a boost in page rankings. Let’s say you’re based in Daytona. Do you really need to market to someone in San Diego? The traffic to your website that most matters is your local traffic because that’s where your clients are. Unless you have offices all over the country, you need to target your local audience.

We offer a myriad of local SEO solutions that help our clients market to their local area. Even a few small changes—ensuring that you appear in local directories or on Google maps—can lead to a jump in your search engine ranking. When your ranking goes up, you’re more likely to be discovered by searching clients.

Lead And Call Tracking

Our lead and call tracking services are part of our local SEO package. Whether your digital marketing campaign is simple or highly complex, it’s always vital to track where your leads and calls are coming from. Otherwise, how do you know which of your efforts are working best or aren’t working at all? The Legal Authority will help your law firm understand where the calls and leads are originating so we can tweak our efforts for improved results.

Lead and call tracking is a process that allows us to assign different numbers to digital ads. Even if your marketing campaign has just a few ads in action—email ads or pay per click ads—an identifying number lets us track where the calls are coming from as they come in. Maybe most of your calls are coming from Google Ads and not your email ads. We can certainly continue to run the successful ads while revamping the email ads in an attempt to improve results.

So much of digital marketing comes down to testing. Lead and call tracking is a way to ‘test’ each ad your firm runs. This way, you can make the most of your advertising budget and achieve your marketing goals.

Content Syndication

For content marketing, syndication is a must. The Legal Authority features content syndication services as part of our local SEO program. Content syndication is effectively the act or process of featuring your content on third-party sites to promote your law firm. Your content is an asset and with our syndication services, you can leverage it as a lead magnet on various online platforms.

Our clients are aware that high-quality content is essential for search engine optimization. Google demands it. But your great content isn’t only for Google. With our content syndication services, we can use it in a way that results in lead generation and improved conversions. Any type of online content can be syndicated. Our clients sometimes syndicate their blog posts or videos.

Here’s the catch: syndication can mess with SEO. Remember, syndicated content is effectively duplicated content. That’s why you need to rely on SEO experts. We’ll make sure that your syndicated content is properly indexed so that Google doesn’t reduce your page rankings. We’ll index your content on your site and the third-party’s site. We can also help your firm identify suitable syndication partners.

Check-In And Review System

Want to achieve local search value every time you work with a client? Simple. Sign up for our local SEO program. We include our check-in and review system, Local Rank app, designed to help your law firm boost its search engine ranking.

Each time you make a check-in on our system, you achieve local search value for the associated neighborhood or city. You also benefit from increased keyword value and value for any associated image or video involved in your check-in. Taken together, all this value has the power to promote your search engine ranking.

Our check-in system also includes review requests for clients. You can use the system to request your clients to submit reviews via SMS or email. Positive client reviews can improve your SEO and increase client trust in your brand. You can feature these reviews on your website or your social media platforms.

With improved page ranking, you’ll witness an increase in website traffic and conversions. Our check-in and review system is dynamic and affordable. It’s one of the easiest ways for our clients to quickly ratchet up their website rankings and collect more positive client reviews.

Consult with us about signing up for our local SEO program. Each feature of the program has the potential to be an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. We know that this program works and we hope you’ll consult with us so we can demonstrate how it can work for your law firm too. Our marketing solutions are customizable. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of SEO firm. We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategy for designing and implementing our solutions. Afterward, we’ll review and test to ensure that we’re achieving great results.

Social Media Marketing

With 2/3 of U.S. adults using Facebook, it’s important to bring your law firm into the mix. Your clients are spending about two hours a day on the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others. It requires very little investment to market to your clients on these platforms. The Legal Authority includes social media marketing as a feature of our local SEO program. With our help, you can leverage social media platforms to promote your brand and attract more clients to your website.

Our social media specialists will create a custom strategy to market your law firm on the appropriate channels. Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are just a few options your firm should consider. We’ll help you establish a social media presence and grow your audience. Then, we’ll create actionable content designed with your target audience in mind.

Our content specialists will create posts that reflect your law firm’s offerings, its staff members, your industry, and more. We’ll feature video content, images, text-based posts and more to generate awareness of your brand and promote client engagement. Of course, we’ll also take care to ensure that your social media content and ongoing posts are SEO friendly and geared for your local client base.