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Google Ads Management

Google Ads is the leading platform for paid search advertising. Formerly known as Google Ads, the updated Google Ads can help your business target clients in ways that are specific and relevant. The Legal Authority helps law firms build Google Ads campaigns and also manages Google Ads for our clients. We bring years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge base to this useful platform. Our specialists can manage the every aspect of your campaign to help you achieve your desired results. While Google Ads are scalable, measurable and flexible, it still requires focus and platform mastery to make the most of this technology. You can rely on our team to manage your Google Ads account, helping you to grow your business.

What Are the Benefits of Google Ads?

Google Ads allow businesses to effectively and relatively inexpensively advertise to potential clients. The platform is designed to help businesses show their ads to online viewers who are most likely to become clients. With a more targeted ad campaign, your firm can achieve greater marketing success while spending less money. To promote your business, we believe your business should use Google Ads because it:

Allows you to control costs

Google knows that businesses have marketing budgets, and its platform allows customers to control what they spend per ad, per day and per month. There is no minimum and account holders only pay for the ads that are actually clicked on.

You can target your audience

With Google Ads you can get specific about who you market to. Google allows you to target to specific things such as age demographics, language, keywords, days, location and more. You can even decide which of your ads should appear on what devices and at what times of day. There are many options and we’ll help you select the ideal ones for your business and potential clients.


With Google Ads, you can easily measure the success of your ad campaign. The platform provides you with essential data and you can see if a client clicked on your ad and then contacted your business.

Management Features

Google Ads provide multiple tools to help streamline the management of your account. While some users find the interface to be somewhat complex and time-consuming, we’ve mastered Google Ads and continue to stay tuned in to its updates. This allows our specialists to more effectively manage our customers’ Google Ads accounts.

It Performs

The Legal Authority recommends that our customers rely on Google Ads because it works. It’s the most popular and effective online ads platform today, far superior to its competitors.

The Legal Authority Provides Google Ads Management

The Legal Authority has designed a service package that meets the needs of today’s attorneys. You may not be willing to invest in the time to master a platform like Google Ads or want to hire a digital marketing expert to be part of your full-time staff. That’s where our service comes in. We can seamlessly work with you to fulfill your digital marketing needs such as managing your Google Ads campaign. You pay for the services you want when you want them. We handle the digital marketing arena while you do what you do best—run your business.

Generate More Leads with Google Ads

As many as 75% of consumers reported that a paid search ad helped them locate a product or service online. That’s why we’re strong advocates for Google Ads. We’ve seen what this platform can do for law firms by generating more leads and helping to convert more people into clients. The key is to rely on experts like the staff at The Legal Authority. We have experience building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns complemented by effective management of said campaigns. We’ll work within your budget to create a winning strategy that makes the most of this savvy advertising platform.

The Legal Authority works with attorneys to effectively manage their Google Ads accounts and online marketing campaigns. Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business using Google Ads.