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Email Marketing

The Legal Authority specializes in email marketing based on our industry’s best, most effective practices. Email marketing is often a cornerstone of our clients’ successful digital marketing campaigns. It’s effective for promoting conversions and it is affordable. Our digital specialists work with you to develop an email marketing campaign that supports your marketing goals. More than 90% of adults in the U.S. use email. It makes sense to reach them through this avenue. You can rely on our professional services to make the most of your email marketing campaign.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful method for connecting with existing and potential clients. For businesses, email marketing allows them to keep in touch with their lead pool. Here are some important reasons why your law firm should rely on email marketing:


Email marketing is highly cost-effective. You don’t have to invest much to generate significant results. Even with new trends and tools in marketing, businesses continue to rely heavily on email marketing because it’s inexpensive and it works. Those are two extremely compelling reasons to include an email marketing campaign in your marketing endeavors.


Emails are completely customizable. In fact, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their email marketing campaign is perfectly aligned with their marketing goals. We can even personalize the emails to your clients. There’s strong evidence that personalized email produces greater results.


Email is extremely accessible. Your clients typically always have their smart phones with them. They may get alerts each time a new email hits their inbox. When you send you an email, that alert works like a doorbell. They check their phone and immediately can see your message. Can you ask for an easier way to communicate with them? Our goal is to make your message as relevant to their needs as possible. An effective email is a powerful tool for conversion.

Easy to Measure

An email marketing campaign is easy to measure. We have software that allows us to see who opens a message from you as well as who acts on it. You get real-time metrics about how your email marketing campaign is performing.

Our Email Marketing Services

The Legal Authority features a wide array of tools and resources to develop and manage our clients’ email campaigns. Whether your law firm requires one-time assistance or on-going support, we have the services and specialists here for you. One of the benefits of working with our firm is that we specialize in law firms. Why is this important? Because we know your industry. We know your audience. This allows us to develop high-quality emails with relevant messaging for your clients.

When you work with our digital specialists, you can expect:

Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Our digital specialists will work with you or your staff to develop a winning email marketing strategy. First, we help you develop a targeted email list filled with qualified leads. These may be previous clients or potential clients who signed up to be on your email list. We also work with you to create some goals for your email campaign. In most cases, we are looking for emails to generate more business, but another goal might be to increase engagement with your brand or website.

Next, we’ll consider what types of emails to use. In a full campaign, we may feature emails such as:

In terms of specific content, we’ll help you develop emails that reflect such items as:

We work with professional content specialists who will help you decide what to highlight in your email so that we can feature content designed to achieve your marketing goals.

Email marketing can be a winning solution for your law firm, but it’s important to rely on a professional digital marketing firm that has the skills you need to achieve success. The Legal Authority is an experienced SEO and digital marketing firm that has a track record of success. Consult with us to help you develop an effective email marketing campaign.