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Content Marketing

The Legal Authority specializes in website content development and content marketing for attorneys. Website content development refers to all the content on your website. It tends to be fixed content once installed. You may change features overtime or revise as needed, but this content is stable and designed for the long term. Content marketing refers to the content used to fuel your marketing campaigns. It’s the content contained in your ads, your social media posts, your blogs, your emails, etc…Content marketing is a cornerstone of what we do—and you can hardly hope to achieve a successful marketing campaign without quality content.

Our Content Marketing Services

The Legal Authority creates and promotes content relating to:

Our content specialists include professional writers (with appropriate degrees) and marketing experts. What’s even more special about our team is that they focus exclusively on the industry we serve. It doesn’t take a lot of content to achieve your marketing goals. It takes quality content, and that’s what our experts provide.

Optimized for SEO

Any content supplied by The Legal Authority is going to be optimized. Search engine optimization underscores all of our content—because it should. We are a digital marketing and SEO firm. The SEO part is integral to our success and the success of any digital marketing campaign. We build your content around keywords and key phrases that target your local audience so that they can easily find you when they perform a search for a local attorney. If your content isn’t SEO friendly, your firm is going to be buried somewhere in the search results—far enough down the list where your potential clients won’t find you. They won’t find you because in most cases, they’ll call one of the top three law firms listed in the search results. Our goal is to use SEO practices to get your law firm into one of those coveted top spots.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Law firms big and small rely on digital content marketing to achieve success. Whether you have a firm with multiple offices or a single office on Main Street, you can benefit from content marketing. Key benefits include:

Increased Business

The main goal of content marketing is to help you grow your business. SEO-friendly, high-quality content moves you up in the page rankings and promotes your law firm. The result: your phone line gets a lot busier and your bottom line, if it could smile, would be grinning.

Cost Savings

Content marketing doesn’t require huge investments. We’re not talking about television ads. This is content that you deliver straight to your clients’ email inboxes. It’s the business post they see when they scroll through their Facebook newsfeed. You can acquire more business without spending a fortune in advertising costs. That’s good news when it comes to your ROI.

Authority Status

High-quality content helps demonstrate that you are an authority in your field. In fact, our specialists have this goal: to ensure that your law firm is the leading authority in your local service area. As the authority, your page rankings improve on search engines like Google and clients find it increasingly easy to find your firm when performing a local search for attorneys.

Poor Content = Failed Marketing Campaign

You can’t win clients without good content. Prospective clients have more options than ever and they’re all at their fingertips when they search their smartphones for a local attorney. Our content developers create content that has value for your target audience. It’s not nearly enough to get the grammar right. Professional writing for digital marketing campaigns is the pivot by which its success hinges. Drab, uninformative content impresses no one. Content that conveys expertise, trustworthiness, value—that sells. And we know it sells because we’re data trackers. We test to ensure our content is getting the results we expect.

The Legal Authority

Flexible Services

The Legal Authority is flexible in our service offerings. We work with some clients who prefer to develop their own blogs, for instance. While we don’t necessarily develop this content for them, we do go in and optimize it for SEO by making changes to ensure that the best keywords and keyword phrases are included. We are known for our willingness and enthusiasm for collaboration. We work for you or with you as you prefer! Additionally, we offer affordable solutions that are completely scalable. No matter what amount you invest, we will work to ensure you get a terrific return for your investment.

Tangible Benefits of Our Content Marketing Services

As we state, our firm believes strongly in testing. We analyze our performance to ensure it’s meeting our expectations and helping our clients achieve their marketing goals. We know we’ve got a winning content marketing campaign when we see:

Site Traffic Improvement

Suddenly, seemingly overnight, your website is experiencing significant increases in traffic. More people are visiting your website to investigate your law firm.

Improvements in SEO

When we start working with your firm, we naturally find out where your baselines are. What’s your current conversion rate? Where are you in the page rankings? Then, after we launch your content marketing campaign that’s been optimized for SEO, we carefully track how those rates and rankings start to climb. Even a modest increase in page rankings can have a dramatic impact—for the better—on your business.

Increased Conversions

Conversions refer to the people who visit your website and ‘convert’ from visitors to clients. A marker of success, undeniable success, is seeing that happy increase in conversations because that’s the ultimate goal of a marketing campaign.

Intangible Benefits of Our Content Marketing Services

There are some benefits that aren’t as easy to quantify as conversion rates. But they are, nonetheless, relevant to the success of your law firm. For instance, a great marketing content campaign will also:

Create Strong Brand Awareness

It’s more difficult to capture data to show brand awareness, but it’s important nevertheless. We believe that high-quality content promotes brand awareness. We want your local audience to know who you are, so we create content that is designed to promote you.

Industry Respect

Quality content helps demonstrate that your law firm is worthy of respect. Poor quality content does the opposite. Clients can be skeptical about hiring a firm they’ve never worked with before. They’re far more inclined to hire an attorney that’s associated with professional content than with one that is associated with poor content. Respect is akin to trust. Show your audience that you’re trusted in your industry with high-end content.

The Legal Authority

Let’s Create Great Content

If you want to achieve those tangible and intangible benefits from content marketing, turn to us for our professional solutions. The Legal Authority specializes in working with law firms and that gives us an edge when designing for our clientele. We work with firms both large and small. Some have very strict marketing budgets to work with. That’s fine with us. We work with your budget, helping you find the most cost-effective solutions to grow your business. Content marketing is among the most cost-effective ways to win more clients and promote your firm. Get in touch with us and tell us about your vision. We can’t wait to get to work creating dynamic, results-driven content for you.