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Call Tracking

Unless you’re positively swamped with business, a ringing business telephone is typically a good thing. But just consider—you’re investing heavily in your online marketing. You’ve got video ads on YouTube and rich image ads on Instagram—wouldn’t it be helpful to know which platform and ads have your clients calling? The Legal Authority offers call and lead tracking solutions that provide our clients with a wide array of helpful information. With our professional call and lead tracking services, you can determine which marketing endeavors have the greatest impact on your business.

Call and Lead Tracking:

A Vital Part of Your Online Marketing Campaign

After launching a large-scale marketing initiative, it’s definitely gratifying to experience a significant increase in client phone calls. That is the goal—to get people to call your firm and turn them into clients. But how do you know if your pay-per-click ad is what’s driving the increase? It could be your social media management or other types of ads posted on a myriad of social media websites. Naturally, it’s helpful to know so you can tweak the ads that aren’t working and continue to rely on the ads and efforts that are generating results. Call tracking helps your firm track calls and leads with information that pinpoints where the client found your number.

Call and Lead Tracking:

It’s Not Rocket Science

Effective call and lead tracking can be performed at a basic level. It’s not highly technical nor outrageously expensive. In fact, online platforms offer free tools to help people track their ads. The Legal Authority takes the hassle out of learning about tracking tools and automation. We offer this service so it’s one less thing our clients have to worry about.

The process is simple. When generating ads with Google Ads, we’re able to supply a different contact number (that routes to you) for each ad. On any given day, we can then see which ads generated the most calls simply by viewing those different contact numbers. It’s quite ingenious in its simplicity. Things don’t get complex until we attempt to determine why certain ads didn’t work as well as others.

The Benefits of Call and Lead Tracking

The key benefit of call tracking is to determine which elements of your marketing campaign are working and which aren’t. This allows you to make future marketing decisions based on sound information. Some clients choose to save money and eliminate the non-producing ads. Others opt to invest more heavily in ads that are working. If ads are working just okay, we can work to tweak them and improve them for better results. In this sense, call tracking is a form of testing. It’s basic, but highly effective as it provides you with precisely what you need to know– what marketing features are working?

Why Track Leads?

Tracking leads is old-fashioned sales. Whether you’re saving leads to a Rolodex or via an automated tracking system, you know that it’s important not to discard them. Lead tracking allows you to retarget existing clients and interested parties who didn’t become clients but may soon enough. We have tools and resources that allow us to track your firm’s leads so that you can remarket to them over time. This is a tried-and-true way to boost your ROI and grow your business.

Some Common Features of Call/Lead Tracking

As we mentioned, our call tracking services allow you to capture essential information such as what ads prompted the call, but that’s not the only data we can capture. Other information we can obtain may include:

Call and lead tracking can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy. That’s why we offer it. This type of information can be essential for retargeting clients and revising marketing campaign strategies.

Contact us if you have questions about our call and lead tracking tools. We have the capabilities to track and monitor our clients’ leads and calls. As a full-service digital marketing and SEO firm, we provide all services that are pertinent to an online marketing campaign. We’ll help you select the services that make the most sense for you and your budget.